They Turned to Us

Our formal name, The Marvin D. Iannone Beverly Hills Police Foundation, pays tribute to former Beverly Hills Police Chief, Marvin D. Iannone. Chief Iannone's distinguished career helped set the standard of excellence in service for which the BHPD is renowned. Within the department, the Chief provided an example of compassion and care for all the members of the Beverly Hills Police family. It is fitting that this extraordinary fund, dedicated to helping the police department family, be dedicated in his name.

We are honored to have some of our members share their stories.

Officer Gary Livitski (Ret.) faced the fight of his life when he was diagnosed with stage-4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma - physically, emotionally and financially.

“Three years of treatments alone wiped out my savings. We had nothing to fall back on and were about to lose our home. The Foundation saved my family. . . I owe everything to them.”
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Dennis Franz Actor Dennis Franz visited Gary and his wife Dee in the hospital.

Sergeant Brad Cornelius' (Ret.) family was shattered by a tragic accident when the car his daughter Emily was driving was crushed by another car whose driver was texting.

“I've never asked for a handout in my life. But there are times when you are pushed beyond your means. The Foundation was there when my family needed support. They helped us buy a scooter for Emily. It gave her measure of independence that is priceless.”
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Scooter Emily shows off her scooter.